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Just some quick notes, for later reference…

Background: some recent 9mm Glocks (both Gen3 and Gen4) have been plagued with erratic ejection, including a tendency to throw empties straight back at the shooter’s face (the problem is often abbreviated as BTF, for “brass to face”). Glock introduced a revised ejector that’s supposed to help. It’s standard equipment on new Gen4 guns, and reportedly is often retrofitted to Gen3 guns that are sent back to Glock due to BTF complaints. The old ejector is stamped with “336”, the new one with “30274”.

It’s straightforward to install the new ejector in a Gen3 gun. Bare ejectors are not sold as replacement parts, so you’ll need to order part 30275, which is a Gen4 trigger housing with ejector. Here’s a Gen3 trigger housing on top, a Gen4 below. Note that they are NOT cross-compatible, so you can’t just drop in the whole assembly.

comparisonAnd a close-up of the ejectors:


You’ll have to use a small punch or screwdriver to push the ejector forward and out the front of the trigger housing. Remove the 336 ejector from your Gen3 housing and the 30274 from your Gen4 housing, swap ejectors, and reinstall. Here’s the bare ejectors, Gen3 on top, Gen4 below.


The 30274 has a much larger contact surface at the tip and a very different angle. It’s also canted in farther toward the center line of the gun (excuse the lousy focus; you get the idea).


Does it work? I don’t know yet. I swapped out the ejectors today but haven’t had a chance to take it to the range. Stay tuned, I suppose…